a break from music

I listen to music EVERY DAY. I love it. I usually have it on getting ready in the morning. We have it on in the gym all day. And often, Max and I have a record on when we're cooking. Oh, and we probably go to 1-2 concerts a month. It's like music runs through our veins. 

But lately I've been needing something different while getting ready and working. So, I've been really into podcasts. I've listened to podcasts over time here and there but I'm finding myself in this place of time where I am just craving information. I want to laugh, be inspired, be stumped, maybe even cry. 

What are your favorite podcasts? What would you recommend?

Here are a few of my favorites:

Elise Gets Crafty 

TED Radio Hour 

This American Life + Serial 

Raise Your Hand Say Yes with Tiffany Han

Inc Uncensored (New!)

Live in Concert from NPR's All Songs Considered (Ok, it's music. I know.)

day 8 of 100 days of lettering

Hi Monday. I thought I had the ability to take you on. Waking up at 630a, knocking out some client work from 7a - 9a, getting ready to head into the gym, catching a bit of the Apple Live event and being in awe of my man (he's a surface design engineer and worked on the stunning new MacBook) to sourcing awesome finishes for No. 102 of DIAKADI. All was good. All was so fun. 

And then, my body broke down. I had to go home and finish the day there. Not quite sure why. But if there is anything I have learned over the years, it is to listen to my body.

I've always had the mentality to "push through" and there are many, many days in which I do but I've also pushed so hard, so many times, that I know it is not healthy (mentally and physically). It is time to let go of that thought process. While I wasn't feeling 100%, I still accomplished A LOT at home, where I was able to take care of myself, in a quiet space, no interruptions and be okay with the fact that I felt like crap. 

While there are many days that I try to be superwoman, I have to remind myself that ... 

Oh! And in case you're wondering ... YES, I will be getting that gold MacBook. I HAVE TO. 

day 7 of 100 days + week one lettering round up

Monday was the start of something special for me. I decided to make time and give my creative desire to yet another project. However, this project doesn't meet business needs. It doesn't meet client requests. It is purely out of joy and discovery. 

I decided to start my lettering journey. An adventure on my 'Life List' that I have yet to give time to until this week. It's been fun to see how much changes in just seven days. 

DAY 7.