"I worked with Gina and her team to create a unique and branded space for our business at a festival and it was designed and executed to a T. We had a very specific palette and audience we were designing for and Gina and her team brought our vision to life. From building a stellar gallery wall to gathering the perfect throws and accessories, we're so grateful for her hard (and fast) work."



"Recently I took on the endeavor of remodeling my kitchen. I had a great plan and vision, but was struggling on the little details needed in order to make sure the design all came together. I had seen Gina's work, as I follow her on Instagram, and loved her aesthetic and design. I brought her in for a consult and to just brainstorm with me. The biggest decision I needed help with was the light fixture. Gina listened to what I wanted and brought an amazing find to the table. Whenever anyone comes into my kitchen the first thing out of their mouth is how much they love my light! Gina is easy to work with, has a great eye, understands your vision, and is able to help bring it all together. Would highly recommend her!"



Gina and her team's work is amazing! Not only did Gina help us with decorating our home, she also helped decorate my new office. My office was a dark, dated space and she transformed it into a a beautiful space making my clients and employees feel comfortable and engaged. When listening to my interests, my children's interests  (when decorating their room) or my employee's needs and desires, Gina heard our needs and transformed the spaces to accommodate everyone's needs and interests and the spaces exceeded on our expectations. Her work is absolutely stunning!


project fultoN | full service design

"Gina managed every part of the interior design for a remodel I did of my small one bedroom condo near Alamo Square in SF. Aside from being one of the nicest people you'll ever meet, she has impeccable design taste and absolutely loves what she does. It was such a pleasure working with her, I don't even know where to start. I love the way everything came out - the small place is totally transformed from an okay little apartment to a beautifully organized space. She took the time to really get to know what I liked before coming up with the plan for each room, and put together everything like closet designs, organizational plans, furniture, colors, decorations, and even small touches like succulents and planning where art should go. The overall look of everything is just impeccable, and I can't recommend her work highly enough. Thanks Gina!"  




"Gina's work is top notch! I hired her to do a complete design of my multi-room professional office space for my small business.  She put lots of attention into listening to me and understanding what I wanted my space to communicate to visitors.  She took my vision and came up with a comprehensive design concept.  Not only was it well suited to my style goals, but she also had great ideas for helping the space be more functional.  After the design was complete, Gina took on the role of "project manager" and handled so many of the details from purchases to installation to final styling.  The office looks amazing and functions great!  This has really added to the success of my business. Gina is a joy to work with and will ensure your space turns out right; I highly recommend her for any of your design needs!"




"I recently opened a small fitness studio and as soon as I signed the lease, I knew I had to hire Gina. She had a real sense of how to understand my style but also suggest options I might not have thought of. Gina's talents and skills are many and well honed. She has great intuition on what to spend on and what to save on. Her ability to manage the project was on point. I always felt she was in control and had my best interest at heart. Lastly, her taste level and eye for design made the space very special and I am so thankful to her. She is a joy to work with and I highly recommend Gina to everyone I can."




"Working with Gina and her team was a pleasure. We asked for a total redecoration of our living room and bedroom. Gina's process for getting to know our design aesthetic was fantastic and helped us determine what we actually wanted. Our apartment is fairly small and in an old building so the configuration was tricky but Gina's design made even the quirkiest nooks and crannies work. Beautiful and achievable designs, very helpful shopping lists and guidance and a finished living room and bedroom that we are very very happy to live in. So glad we went with them for our redesign. Thank you Gina and team!"




"I was renting an apartment with my best friend for a long time and we got sick of treating it like a temporary space, so we asked Gina to help us beautify it on a tight budget (we didn't own it, so why invest?). She got creative with budget - using dramatic painting and small accents (bling) to make it beautiful. She worked with contractors to completely transform our bathroom from a drab utilitarian space to one I felt happy to be in. She styled and painted the rest of the house and sourced a few small items to make it more comfortable and beautiful. This was perfect for us as renters - one fully redesigned room and a once over of the rest of the house."




"Gina is organized, creative, curious, friendly, and really listens to my needs and preferences. She considers both function and form. I never feel like she's pushing her taste or aesthetic on me - she finds out what I like and makes it work. She is equally comfortable running the show and making all the decisions or checking in with me, depending on my preference. 

I recently bought an Edwardian condo, which is a bigger project with a bigger budget. My water closet is beautiful now (she sourced the tile, toilet, lighting, picked the paint, hung the artwork, and had contractors install everything) and the rugs and furniture she bought for the rest of the place are of a style I love and identify with, but would not have been able to find on my own. She even had the light switches and outlets and switch plates replaced, which makes a big difference. She is thoughtful about saving me money. She is never too attached to anything either - willing to swap out and return things. I usually end up saying "It's perfect" or "I like it, but don't love it; let's try something else," saying the latter less and less with each iteration. I was out of the country for two months and asked that she just go for it and not check in with me too often (after we kind of had a kickoff meeting) and I was so happy with the results. She also styled all of my existing furniture and artwork beautifully (I was worried I'd have to get rid of some things from my old place that I liked). Looking forward to working on additional rooms with her. I even just highly recommend her as a colorist - I will never paint my walls without asking her."