The Lion. The Beast. The Beat.

As I sit here writing, I am fully emerged in the beat (with a little shoulder shake) in Grace Potter & The Nocturnals sweet sounds. Their new album, I believe, is a blend of edge, grit, rock, blues and pure beauty. I think to myself, "Man, I love how this song just allows me to knock out what I need to," whether it be journaling, blogging, emails or idea sketching. 

When I find something I like, I want to share. It's what I do. 

Soooo, I decide to google The Lion The Beast The Beat and stumbled upon VH1's storytellers. As I watch this video, I learn that this exact song (and album) was written as Grace was navigating her journey with writing. I shake my head and giggle. So very cool that this song came alive with a writer's challenge, frustration yet drive and here I am just letting the words flow. I think Grace did it right. Her words and tune inspire. 

Enjoy her story. Enjoy her music.