The Boho Outdoor Look

If you're from San Francisco like us, you know our summer is just getting started. We tend to get some beautiful, warm days in September and October. That means there is still time to pull your outdoor look together and throw a few backyard gatherings! 

What makes an outdoor space come together is attention to the details, just like the styling we dive into when we are indoors. Here are six tips we take into consideration to shape your outdoor space. 

Ready, Set, Style ...

  1. Think of your backyard, patio or deck as an extension of your living room and ask yourself how you want this space to feel and function?
  2. Depending on how much space you have, create sections such as kitchen/grill, dining, bar, seating, and gardening.  
  3. Create flow and continuity among these spaces with design details such as your favorite colors, textures, patterns and lighting. 
  4. For smaller patio spaces, use seating options that come in a set and then bring in accent tables and decor with different colors and texture.
  5. Create softness with your space by adding outdoor rugs and pillows. 
  6. Don’t forget lighting! Bring a twinkle to your yard through candles, lanterns, and string lights. 

Get the Look ... 

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We shared our advice to discussing how to create spaces with purpose. "If you have a larger outdoor space, I always recommend divvying up the yard so your space doesn’t feel too much like one large square," Gina says. "Within your space, section off an area for perhaps a kitchen or grill, a place to dine with family and friends, a bar area where you can curate drinks over conversation, a comfy and intimate seating area, or a peaceful space for gardening."