That's How We Do

Creativity runs in my family's blood. But more so, the belief of living life to the fullest is what we practice. Being yourself and living in the moment. The one person that I can truly say does this best is my brother, Dan Gutierrez. He is a free spirit. An actor, dancer, singer, designer and entrepreneur.

Today he created this video of our time spent together in New York City for the Thanksgiving holiday. When he sent to me, I couldn't stop smiling nor could I stop watching. This video captured the essence of our family. Being ourselves, laughing, dancing and most importantly being in the moment. There is always a sense of calm, ease and comfort when I am with my family, especially my brothers. 

I hope this video brings a smile to your face. The act of creating something that can be shared with others is a beautiful thing. Thank you, Dan, for pulling this video together. I will always remember this time together.