That Design Question

It is amazing to see what homeowners can do with just a little design motivation. 

Gina Rachelle Design offers consulting and Q+A services if you want to tackle your project on your own. This little girls' room went from a beige, dark space to a light gray and sunshine filled room with fun details to get the girls inspired. 

How did we go about this? I worked with this family on-site so I knew their style and what they wanted. As we walked through the space, ideas came spilling out of me and the client took a bunch of notes. You could see the wheels spinning and big smiles talking shape. 


  • Visit the space or review photos. 
  • Ask your questions! 
  • Gina Rachelle Design will offer a handful ideas pointing you towards inspo photos, shopping resources, DIY tips and expert guidance. 
  • You execute and have fun!  

Services are offered at a budget friendly hourly rate. You save time and money by getting the PROPER design info and technique right off the bat.