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My $100 Investment

I was lucky to spend the first week of July on a road trip with my brother, James, to Portland, OR. Our trip was planned around a summit we signed up for in January.  We had no idea the impact this experience would have on us ... 

The World Domination Summit, brilliantly organized by Chris Guillebeau,  is a gathering of creative and passionate individuals that focuses on community, adventure and service. I stumbled upon this amazing event by following Brene Brown's blog, Ordinary Courage. I truly enjoy her work and wanted to hear her speak live. Through my research, I found out she was going to be a keynote speaker at the World Domination Summit. Just reading the title of this summit, I was immediately intrigued to learn more. Browsing the WDS website, I started to get butterflies in my stomach. Some of my favorite entrepreneurs, writers, and coaches were going to be at this event. I had to go. I was going to make it happen. Done. 

I recruited my brother J because I knew he would appreciate this type of gathering. We think alike - even though he has the twin! - and we are so motivated and driven by learning. The weekend was jammed packed with speaking sessions from beautiful, talented minds. Here are just a few things I took away with me. And I mean a few. My iPad is filled with juicy notes. 

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