Pretty Fitness Studios? Yes, Please!

We just discovered that one of our spaces in which we collaborated with DIAKADI Fitness Performance is featured in Lonny Magazine as one of fifteen 'Pretty Fitness Studios That Will Make You Want To Work Out.'

We loved designing this space focusing on making it inspiring yet cool with a sexy, industrial vibe. 

We decided on the color Soot by Benjamin Moore which comes across as a deep navy or moody black depending on the lighting. 

Owners, Billy Polson and Mike Calusen, salvaged old bleachers at Heritage Salvage in Petaluma discovering that they were originally from a Midwest gymnasium. 

Every piece of equipment was selected thoughtfully for it's purpose and aesthetic. Some pieces were even crafted by local makers such as the backboard of the basketball hoop, the climbing peg board wall, and stunning medicine ball rebounder. 

I personally love the rows of industrial lighting that we sourced from Ikea. They are statement pieces that light the obstacle course without breaking the bank!