Our Engagement - Modern Map Art

Last August, Max and I ventured out on a Southern California road trip checking out rejuvenating and adventurous places like Ojai, Joshua Tree, Palm Springs and San Diego. We packed the Mini Cooper with amazing food, drink, gear for camping, outfits for date nights and unknown to me, a ring box that would change our journey moving forward.

We rode bikes and sipped wine in Ojai, we hiked and camped in Joshua Tree and when we made it to Palm Springs, we laid by the pool at my absolute favorite place, The Parker Hotel. Apparently, Max had been nervous carrying this ring around and I’m sure spinning an “engagement speech” in his head. I had no idea! On Monday, August 21st, I was in a place of reflection. I had a lot of life changing things happen to me recently - I lost a dear friend and his daughter in a plane crash and my brother and his girlfriend just had a baby so I was an aunt for the very first time. But on this particular day, my friend’s daughter was being buried and I had a very heavy heart that I was not there for her life celebration. I took the day to think about how beautiful our days are and how we are loved by so many. I noted that we should always do our best to be present and remember what is important. To hug our people a little harder and longer. Give them kisses. Tell them you love them.

And so, I was doing just that. I was hugging Max a little harder and telling him how much I loved him!

It was that same night, that Max and I got ready for a little date. However, before dinner, he took me to a sweet area within the Parker that was beautifully lit and filled with palm trees and hammocks. It was there that he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! There were so many things that came together to make this day so special -- the solar eclipse, our favorite vacation spot and the reflection of our four year relationship as well as loved ones.

Even more, Max, made my engagement ring! Literally made it all by himself. It is brass with an anchor and this anchor has such meaning to my family. My brothers and I have anchor tattoos that represent the quote, "You are the anchor that keeps my feet on the ground." This symbol couldn't be more fitting for us too.

When Modern Map Art reached out to me and asked if I would like to have a custom night sky map made, I immediately thought of our engagement. The night that I knew loved ones from my past and present were looking down on us as stars. The night that Max and I would create the next chapter of our lives.

Modern Map Art allowed me to choose all of the details, including the poster size, color and font used. I even added a quote stating “Anchored in love.”

The paper is high quality and you also have the choice to have them frame it for you! Get your map of any day and location. There are multiple customization options and sizes so your special day - whether it be a wedding, birthday, vacation, home purchase, or just a favorite day of the year - can be an awesome addition to your home. 

Let us know what day is special to you! And then, head over to Modern Map Art to capture that memory forever.

I received this star map from Modern Map Art in exchange for sharing my thoughts and opinion. Thank you, Modern Map Art, for supporting Gina Rachelle Design.