October Reflection

:: photo courtesy of zodiacchic ::

Things I love about this beautiful month.

  • My best friend's birthday on the third. (Love you, Jamie.)
  • My birthday on the fourth :: reflecting and appreciating everyone and every moment that has brought me to TODAY.
  • Indian summer in my favorite city. Yet ...
  • The shift to fall clothing :: layers + boots.
  • The pumpkin my dad gives me every year. Traditions.
  • The color mustard.
  • Switching up decor for that cozy fall warm feeling.
  • The return of fall prime time television. (I have my shows!)
  • Breast cancer awareness. Love your body, ladies.
  • Haunted houses :: screaming like a mad woman and loving every bit of it!
  • Scary movies :: not really watching because my eyes are closed majority of the time.
  • Eating too much halloween candy.
  • A new beginning.