A Poem For Family

this isn’t supposed to happen yet. 
i feel like i’m still on the soccer field with you guys. 
16 years young, laughing and screaming and whining about our parents. 

but here we are. 
the first gathering of our friends in which we are burying our dad. yes, OUR dad. 

because between us girls, my family was your family. and your family was my family. 

tightly bonded all through high school. 
slowly taking separate paths in college. 
soon, miles and miles away from each other. 

but it doesn’t matter how often we talk, how often we see each other. 
because when that time comes, we just pick up right where we left off. always. 

we are filled with joy. we are young again. we are reminded of the love.

and without question, we’re there for each other. 
like now. 
even though, this isn’t supposed to happen yet.