You may remember me being all excited and maybe mentioning (okay, gettin' all giddy -depending on if you follow me on my many social platforms) about being featured in Asterisk Magazine's January issue. 

Here's the back story: I saw that Asterisk was having a 'Let's See Your Bedroom' rally in November. Editor in Chief, Jeremy Joven, said "Urban living brings out the creativity in many of us, shown in the way we live," and I couldn't agree more. Especially when you're living in a small space in sweet San Francisco. Joven showed us his bedroom and then announced that they would be presenting bedrooms from SF residents showing off their design skills from the homey, the trashy, to the glam bedrooms - submit and you may be published. 

Since I pour my heart into design and have been working on pulling my bedroom together I figured, why not? This is a fun opportunity and who knows what may come of it? Look at me now -- I was one of two bedrooms selected. Super stoked! Made me happy to know that others enjoyed and may have been inspired by my calming, modern, soft and sophisticated space that features affordable furnishings and DIY projects. 

So, here I am published! Click through to see the digital issue. Select a photo to get an up close look and scroll down to read the full text. But, if you're like me and still love having the real deal in your hands, subscribe to Asterisk and get a copy!


Click on a photo to enlarge and scroll over pic to read up my space.

This past Thursday, I had the opportunity to go to Asterisk's launch party. {I was eager to see the article.} A big thank you to my friend, Tommy,  for supporting and joining me. We had a blast and were introduced to the amazing David Molina and his brilliant artistry surrounding music. Take a look.

A beautiful, vibrant San Francisco evening. Blessed with this very cool moment.