Keep Your Squad Close

One of the beautiful things about growing our careers is that we meet co-workers along the way that make you laugh, keep you grounded and encourage you. Sometimes they become your best friends and you end up wearing princess crowns, dancing, and laughing real hard on your birthday.

Those days are so special. But it gets better, this person continues to be by your side through the beautiful, the hardship, the funny, and the inspirational. When you’re a business owner and especially a solopreneur, it’s a wonderful thing to keep these people close. Launching your own business can seem so glamorous but let’s be real, it can also be a chaotic mess where you feel like you are always catching up, writing down every creative idea that comes to you, attending to a massive amount of emails and requests and at the same time trying to find that “balance” in life. It’s HARD WORK. But, when you have your best friend or like minded people in your squad, you feel excited and charged. You don’t feel so alone and you’re reminded of why you chased your dreams in the first place. 

Make time for those breakfast meetings, inspirational texts, and quick phone calls with your squad. They rejuvenate. They put things in perspective. They keep life real.