Gratitude In Full Bloom

We're practically half way through May? What the what?!

As I sit here writing, I am in awe with what 2013 has given to me.


I am full of it.

I will admit that there are plenty of days that I feel like I am running out of time. While I love what I do (training my clients to planning for DIAKADI to designing), I find myself just seeing the days pass by way too fast. Too fast in sense that I forget to reflect. I forget to be present. I forget to be in the moment ... and I am a girl that shouts with excitement, "live life in every moment!" 

I love doing it all. I mean, come on, my life is devoted to a business with the tag line, "Do It All, Kick Ass Doing It." (Hey universe, did you plan that??) Buuuuuut, I often find myself whispering that it's okay to slow down. Today was one of those days. 

With spring in full effect, I thought it was a good time to "spring clean" and edit my day to day. So how am I going to go about that? Well, I have a plan. But, I want to remind myself that if I don't stick to that plan, it's okay. Just being aware of what I am doing and feeling is enough. The sense of awareness is what makes you feel fulfilled rather than the act of checking off all of your to dos at the end of the day.

So today, I got my haircut, I walked the beautiful street of Fillmore and while I was "supposed" to head to a coffee shop to catch up on work I chose to head to my best friend's home and spend some quality time in the sun, drinking champs and laughing with people that mean more to me than any type of work.

Do I feel guilty about not working? Just a little. I'm still coping with that feeling. But I am so crazy grateful to have such loving, passionate, fun and true friends in my life. I'll carry that love with me forever. So, spring ... I look forward to more moments like today.