:: photo courtesy of billy polson ::


If you look closely or zoom in, you will see that 'happiness' is the word on the card my friend, Tomas, is holding. I cannot think of a better expression that described this day and each of us. Just full of happiness. 

I was so excited to host our annual Friendsgiving at my home this year. It was the perfect space for all of us to come together and cook, sing, laugh hysterically, dine, share what we are grateful for, take crazy pics and of course, dance it out. 

What I am most proud of is this year's tablescape. I wanted a modern and stylish look yet welcoming and warm. Here is what I came up with. 

:: tablescape. a pumpkin anchors the table on a cake stand, surrounded by candles and tulips in milk jars. ::

:: love  grace  gratitude  celebrate  cherish  create  happiness  passion  hope ::

:: chevron paper as placemats, oversized cardboard letters for seating, fun words for thought lay on top of skeleton leaves and golden napkins, mason jars and milk glassware for water ::

:: coasters. photo courtesy of kelly redanz ::