Chicago: All Saints

All Saints, a London based clothing store that I am in love with and buy from frequently, not only houses some edgy, fashionable clothing but also some amazing design esthetic. I was in awe with the San Francisco store but when I recently visited Chicago's All Saints location, I was blown away!

Chicago's space is triple the size of San Francisco's store. When you walk in, you can't help but 'wow' at the foyer which has a wall of sewing machines and a vintage, industrial, machine like centerpiece. That was enough to blow my mind but as you walk in the store, you find the ceiling filled with old school movie lights. You see a vintage typewriter to your left, a sewing machine to your right, iron wheels ahead of you -- all surrounded by great fashion. 

All Saints is more than a clothing store. It is a design experience in which you can create your own story while working through the store.