Dress Up Your Books

If you are anything like me when it comes to styling your home, everything has its place and the display of every accessory has to have style. 

I love reading and so I have an abundant amount of books. However, I don't always have the space or the right storage to display my books. I dream of having a home library one day. I'm online just as much as everyone else but there is something I LOVE about holding a book in your hand. Maybe it's the memory of reading while growing up, maybe it is the feeling of the pages in your hand, maybe it's always wanting to be connected to a texture with a story. Because of this love, my book collection grows. 

With just one bookshelf in my home I wanted to come up with a way to showcase my books but highlight color, texture and creativity. I went through my craft closet and pulled out left over Paper Source paper as well as grocery store brown bags. I busted out my book covering skills from grade school (did you have to cover your text books?) and here is what I came up with ...