DIY Project: Custom Art

Looking for unique, one of a kind artwork to place in your home without spending a fortune. It can be done. You just need a spark of inspiration. 

I created this beautiful and easy gallery wall just above my sofa with a few simple items:

Ask yourself, what inspires you? What type of art do you like? What captivates your soul? For some, this may be maps of your travels. Shopping bags with designer names. Book pages from some of your favorite authors. 

For me, I took postcards that I purchased from a visit to San Francisco MOMA's Richard Avedon Exhibit.  When looking at his photos, I see elegance, beauty, emotion and femininity. This is exactly what I was looking to capture in this project and in my home. I pulled four postcards that may look familiar to you:

  • sophia loren
  • dovima with elephants
  • dorian leigh
  • marilyn monroe

Gina Rachelle Design is a supporter of the arts and we are happy to promote arts education and accessibility to you! Visit the Richard Avedon Page for up-to-date Avedon exhibitions, exclusive articles, and over 50 of his works. The page also includes related artists and categories, allowing viewers to discover art beyond our Avedon Page. 

From here, I cut purple and turquoise fine paper from Paper Source to fit the 8x10 window of the cb2 frames. I purposely selected frames that were larger than the size of the postcard to showcase a pop of color and pick up on the hues already in my living area. 

Once the paper was cut, I lined up the postcard in the center and secured down with craft tape. Next step, place the paper in the frame and secure. Easy. Done. 

I chose to line up four frames because it was the perfect line above my sofa. I measured about 15 inches from my sofa to the bottom of the frame to keep my artwork at eye level and create a cozy, relaxed look. Determine how many frames best capture what you are trying to display. Your gallery wall can be symmetrical or a unique collage. In future posts, I will go over the different ways you can arrange frames, artwork, and decor items. 

There you go! Quick, easy, and on a budget yet a high end and individual look for your home.