I am going to tell you a story -- how my best friends and I were destined to dance our asses off at the MADONNA concert. But ultimately learning that the universe really does take care of you. 

Last week Friday, a last minute decision to go see the iconic pop star was made with hesitation. My friends and I had a busy weekend and we were not sure if we should add one more event to the line up. However, Ryan, Shelby and I told ourselves, "Life is about experiences. Let's go!"

The three of us were on board and soon just giddy over the whole idea.

Our two other best friends - Billy and Mike - opted out due to a busy schedule. On Saturday, conversation of the concert came up. Billy, Mike and I were at a wedding with our friend Richard. He was telling us that Madonna was having a tweeting war to win pit tickets for the show. Richard casually said, "If I win and I'm upgraded to the pit, Billy and Mike, you can have my tickets." We all smiled thinking 'that is so sweet but what are the odds?'

Sunday, the stars started to align. Richard tweeted like a rockstar and won pit tickets! As promised, he gives his tickets to Billy and Mike. I am thrilled and fill Ryan and Shelby in on the news.

Stay with me ...

Ryan, Shelby, Billy, Mike and I were amped and on our way come Sunday evening. Tailgating beforehand, singing, telling stories. Just being our usual authentic selves.  We get to the door of HP Pavilion ready to head in and my ticket is denied. WHAT?! Turns out our tickets were for Saturday not Sunday. (We purchased our tickets from a friend. We trusted his word the concert was Sunday, never looking at the tix.)  My heart sank and I slowly turned around and looked at Shelby and Ryan with sad, big brown eyes.

Can you imagine being on such an excitement high and then having it taken all away?

Out of no where, this sweet lady comes over and asks how many of us were no longer with tickets. THREE. This ANGEL, had exactly three tickets on her and gave them to us. I hugged her so tight. While our original tickets were awesome, the tickets she handed us were PHENOMENAL. We were on the floor at the end of the cat walk, just a few rows away from the queen of pop. 

How did this happen? It was all so surreal to us.

As the night goes on, our row begins to clear out and I immediately text Billy and Mike to join us. They come running over. Next thing I know, the five of us are TOGETHER dancing like we've never danced before and singing at the top of our lungs to LIKE A PRAYER. We were having the best time. 

I know this story is long and CHEESY (and some will never fully get what we felt that night) but honestly, there was a minute Sunday evening where I looked at Billy, Mike, Ryan, and Shelby and said to myself, "This is what matters. This is LIFE. Being surrounded by ones that mean the most to you." 

We were destined to be exactly where we were in that MOMENT and loving every bit of it!