Design Eye: Daniel Gutierrez

There is beauty in everything. 

Up and coming furniture guru, Dan Gutierrez, knows that and saw potential in this mid-century accent table.

Purchased for just $15 in Manhattan, Dan rolled up his sleeves and got to work. Here is his creative process:

  • Start with sanding the full surface using a strong, coarse and heavy grit sand paper.
  • Follow with steel wool brushing.  
  • Clean the wood thoroughly. 
  • Apply the first coat of paint. Let sit for no less than 1.5 hours before adding another two or three coats. Dan chose to paint everything but the drawer and legs.
  • Let dry overnight.

For drawer and legs --

  • Apply the first coat of stain allowing to dry for 2 hours.
  • With steel wool, lightly brush the surface.
  • Apply two or three additional coats the same way.

Finishing --

  • Choose a shine/polyurethane protectant from your local hardware store and apply. Dan chose to use a high gloss and applied two coats waiting about 2 hours in between. He applied the gloss to the entire piece to protect from easy scratching and water rings from glasses.

This particular table can be used as a night stand or mini bar. Get creative. What do you need in your space? How can a flea market or thrift store find be turned into a piece you use everyday ... and cost next to nothing! Use these steps to make something of your own. Discover your inner artist. 

Interested in purchasing this chic table? Dan is selling for just $75 plus shipping (pick up available in NYC). If you would like more details on dimensions and pricing, please connect with me. 

Dan is an actor, singer, and dancer in New York City. While he pours his heart into his business, CanDor Productions, he often makes time to refurbish furniture for his home and others.

He mentioned to me, "I want to make good quality furniture that is trendy and fun for an affordable price!"