Habits + Lettering

Ever hear that it takes 100 days to create a new habit? Me too. 

I've actually heard that it takes 21 days to 66 days. I am sure it varies from person to person, like most things. For me, I am going to make an intention of developing a new creative habit in 100 days. A  nice, round, 'wow' number. Because, why not?

On my iPhone I have a checklist called 'My Beautiful Life.' It's a title that allows me to list all the things I want to try and do in life. Big and small. I was recently looking at this list the other day with Max and was reminded that I really want to take lettering more seriously. 

I have always loved penmanship. I love the feel of taking a pen, marker, or pencil to the paper and just writing. I sketch floor plans quite a bit for my work but I don't consider myself an artist. This is the closet I think I will get to creating art. 

Shortly after I pulled out this list, I also found myself listening to Elise Blaha Cripe's podcast, Elise Gets Crafty, and she was hosting an episode called "Maintaining a Creative Habit." Her guest, Crystal Moody, created the habit of drawing every morning and posted her work to Instagram EVERY DAY. What I love about this is that she made an intention to START SOMEWHERE and her Instagram audience held her accountable. Over time, her work got easier and she was able to see the beautiful talent that was within her. 

Inspired by my "life bucket" list and this beautifully timed podcast, I have decided to to dedicate myself to lettering in the morning for the next 100 days. I have to admit, this is really hard for me because I am such a perfectionist. Why would I want to show you my initial writings when I am not 100% happy with them?

I am standing with vulnerability, guys, and doing this in hopes of creating a new habit that I already know I will love. 

With that being said, here is my lettering piece from this morning. I hope you follow me on this journey. I will be posting my work here as well as on Instagram. Cheers to STARTING SOMEWHERE