Crafty Christmas at Hermann Homestead

We had a lot of fun decorating our house this season (we weren't under construction!). I really wanted our home to have a very earthy and natural feel while keeping things affordable. Here is what we tackled:

  •  We purchased a 6ft tree for $40, 2 wreaths at $15 each and garland for the mantle for $20. 
  • Added eucalyptus (free - from my brother, James, and his family) to both our tree and the garland.
  • My other brother, Dan, made simple wreaths out of the extra eucalyptus for our windows with green floral wire and ribbon I already had at home. 
  • I added simple white berries (Ardisia crenata 'Alba') to the tree and secured with floral wire. 
  • I also took some gold ribbon I had on hand, gave it pull on the scissors to create an adorable swirl and added to the tree. 
  • I kept the color story very simple - golds, silvers, whites and blues. 
  • I added dried flowers, cotton, and white berries to our wreath on the front door. 
  • I found some old glitter letters in my craft nook and spelled out 'Christmas' for one of our windows. 
  • I displayed a notable quote from Elf (Santa! OMG I know him.) on our $15 Lightbox from Amazon. 
  • I pulled out a variety of accessories I've had over the  years to round out our styling: copper bells, stockings, red books, candles and Christmas gnomes. 
  • Lastly, for our family holiday party, I made beet hummus and added some greens, small tomatoes, cucumbers and edible flowers to keep in theme with our simple and creative decor. 

In the end, our home felt cozy filled with decor we already had on hand and a lot of homemade elements. Hope your holiday felt as special as ours!