Beyond The Kitchen

I enjoy styling my house so it is beautiful yet functional. Here are two simple kitchen decor items that can bring some of your accessories to life. 

Anthropologie's farmer's market basket holds some of my sunglasses and large bracelets. It is a pop of color in my white bedroom and a chic addition to what is displayed on my dresser.

I also have a larger basket in my living room that holds my favorite Hipsta prints. Get creative with your organization and see your home items in a different light. 

Another simple piece I used is an elegant, small cake platter to display my perfume collection in the bathroom. It brings a femininity to the space and is so easy to see what I have and select a fragrance to splash on. I went with a glass display because I also have beautiful glass vases that hold cotton pads and q-tips but select what fits your personality and style. There are so many options in glass, white, and colors from Anthro, Williams Sonoma, Home Goods, Target, and a variety of department stores. 

Just remember, anything you own can be made beautiful. It's just in the details. Use the details to make your accessories come to life.