A $72 Bedroom Makeover

My dear friend, Lynda, has been wanting to redesign her bedroom for quite some time now but like many, didn't know where to start. Lucky for her, the Gutierrez crew was in Milwaukee for the holidays and being the creatives, overachievers and best friends that we are, we decided to step in and give her the space she deserved and desired. 

Lynda lives with her two children and best friend. While their home is full of fun, laughter and family comfort, Lynda wanted her bedroom to be a retreat; an escape that she can relax and find calm after a busy day.

When I walked into Lynda's room, it definitely showcased her personality with bold colors and her love for owls but it was also very cluttered - trying to fit too much into a small space. I wanted to immediately reconfigure the floor plan and decide what we could reuse/repurpose and then take Lynda's budget of $72 (we squeezed two more dollars out of her) to purchase some necessities.

And so, we get to work!

James and I strategizing on artwork.

Broadway Paper in Milwaukee's Third Ward.

Developing a new floor plan. 

We decided to nix the blue wall and paint the same serene grey in the room. All trim is going white. Window panels must be purchased to add warmth and femininity to the space.

My design team included Mama G (painting the trim) and James, the man that can fix anything! Dan (not shown) was knocking out the custom artwork.

Where did Lynda's budget go?

$27 : Lavender Tweed Fabric for Closet Panel and Throw Pillow {Jo Ann Fabrics}

$14: Lamp Base + Shade {Village Market + Target}

$14: White Sheer Window Panels {Kmart}

$9: Curtain Rods + Hardware Supplies {Home Depot}

$6: Gold Metallic Spray Paint {Kmart}

$2: Stool/Accent Table {Village Market}

*The artwork custom designed with paper from Broadway Paper was a gift to Lynda from us. The paper totaled $20.

Check out Lynda's NEW room!

  • Lynda's blue wall is now a calming grey with all the trim in the room painted white.
  • One night stand (found in the Gutierrez residence basement) was painted the blue originally on Lynda's wall. This color is better suited for pops of color with accessory furniture. 
  • The knobs on the night stands and dresser, mirror, hands on the clock and hooks for jewelry were all painted a metallic gold to bring a glamours look to Lynda's space. 
  • White sheer curtain panels bring in warmth and create a finished look. 
  • A canvas painting that Lynda started is the perfect wall decor next to the closet. 
  • Lavender tweed fabric was sewn by Mama G to make the closet panel and throw pillow for Lynda's chair.
  • This accent table found at Village Market for $2 was painted blue for more punch of color.
  • Metallic gold spray paint was used for the hands of the clock, lamp base, frame for art work, knobs on the night stand and owl accessory.

Lynda helped us through out the day with painting and organization but as soon as we began styling, we asked her to be patient and wait for the "reveal." I was keeping my fingers crossed that Lynda would like her new space. I wasn't prepared for the "Oh my God!" scream, big smile and tears that took place when I walked her the room. I had goosebumps. I was so happy that my family and I were able to give her a space that she has been dreaming of for some time.

Lynda shared with us: 

"The design work that was done in my bedroom recently is truly unbelievable. Gina took a tiny budget and provided me with everything I asked for and more. My bedroom looks and feels bigger, is gorgeous AND functional, and was designed with me in mind. I am still having a hard time believing that this beautiful, modern, yet feminine room belongs to me."

Dan, Lynda, Mama G, Gina, and James