25 Functional + Beautiful Gifts For Your Galentine Under $50


Valentine’s (and Galentine’s!) Day are quickly approaching in the next few weeks. We love celebrating the strength of women and sisterhood. So this February 14th, let's give a small gift to the phenomenal women in our lives! Whether your Galentine likes to entertain, dress up her space or simply take it easy - we've included 25 of our favorite gift items under $50. Handpicked, tried and true, functional and beautiful - these pieces are sure to find happy homes on coffee tables, night stands and in kitchens alike.

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1. Meraki Nomad - Floral Smudge Stick: $18. (Available locally at The General Store.)

Why we love it: While we love sage and palo santo, the floral smudge stick is completely it's own unique thing. Consisting of lavender, rose petals and sweet grass - some might argue it's too pretty to burn.

2. Heath Ceramics - Arctic Cup Lavender + Eucalyptus Candle: $38.

Why we love it: After the candle burns down completely, you are left with a beautiful ceramic cup usable for desk or bathroom organization. Or even as a votive if you'd like to keep the candle theme going!

3. McGee & Co - Thin Stripe Linen Tray: $18-$38

4. West Elm - Vintage Vogue Sunrise Coaster Set of 4 - Pink Copper: $29

5. Anthropologie - Brass Inlay Cheeseboard: $38

6. Anthropologie - Piet Mug: $16

7. Margins - Many Moons Calendar 2018: $20. (Available locally at Needles + Pens)

Why we love it: You are able to see moon cycles for the entire year at a glance in a visually beautiful design.

8. Hearth + Hand With Magnolia - Cocoa Pot: $35

9. Schoolhouse Electric - Motor Lodge Keychain - "Hers": $6

10. Pigeon Toe Ceramics - Abstract Ring Dish: $16

Why we love it: Pigeon Toe Ceramics is sibling owned as well as female owned company & the abstract ring dish is one of a kind.

11. Etsy - Macrame Leather + Rope Plant Hanger: $34

Why we love it: While we love macrame wall hangings and plant hangers, we are loving the modern twist and addition of leather to these handmade pieces.

12. Etsy - Leather + Brass Napkin Rings - Set of 8: $30

Why we love it: We love supporting small shops and makers in our designs. These napkin rings give a simple, clean and modern update to napkin rings of the past. 

13. Hearth + Hand With Magnolia - Leather Travel Wallet: $20

14. Anthropologie - Gilded Rim Wine Glass: $22

Why we love it: It's the most quintessential Galentine's Day wine glass! We love the Gilded Rim collection for it's femininity, delicate nature and elegance. Sometimes it's nice to sip from a really girly and sophisticated wine glass on a week night in your pajamas.

15. 42 Pressed - San Francisco Soy Wax Candle: $20

Why we love it: This candle was designed and crafted to represent San Francisco as a blend of aromas (bergamot, sage, cedar and vetiver) in the form of a soy candle. Pretty neat! See also: their city map prints.

16. In Open Air - Brass Key Rings: $32. (Available locally at The General Store)

17. Heath Ceramics - Bud Vase: $25

18. Minted - Geometric Net Napkin - Set of 4: $40

19. CB2 - Nile Glass Vase: $49.95

20. Hearth + Hand With Magnolia - Round Footed Tray: $12.99-$19.99

Why we love it: Not only can you use it as a cutting board or serving tray, it can be used to display plants, candles and accessories.

21. Schoolhouse Electric - Enamelware Mug: $16

22. Anthropologie - Pressed Glass Photo Frame: $18-$32

Why we love it: Use these glass frames for photos, pressed flowers and collected mementos. Best part? You are able to see writing, dates and details written on the back - as the frame is made of all glass.

23. Aplat - Vin Vertical Tote Bag: $48. (Available at West Elm)

Why we love it: "Sewn by a team of women in San Francisco and designed to fit two bottles of wine (or baguettes)" - that pretty much does it for us.

24. West Elm - Stone Bookend: $39

25. Schoolhouse Electric - 1 Compartment Cafeteria Tray: $24


We hope your gal enjoys these pieces as much as we do!

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