My $100 Investment

I was lucky to spend the first week of July on a road trip with my brother, James, to Portland, OR. Our trip was planned around a summit we signed up for in January.  We had no idea the impact this experience would have on us ... 

The World Domination Summit, brilliantly organized by Chris Guillebeau,  is a gathering of creative and passionate individuals that focuses on community, adventure and service. I stumbled upon this amazing event by following Brene Brown's blog, Ordinary Courage. I truly enjoy her work and wanted to hear her speak live. Through my research, I found out she was going to be a keynote speaker at the World Domination Summit. Just reading the title of this summit, I was immediately intrigued to learn more. Browsing the WDS website, I started to get butterflies in my stomach. Some of my favorite entrepreneurs, writers, and coaches were going to be at this event. I had to go. I was going to make it happen. Done. 

I recruited my brother J because I knew he would appreciate this type of gathering. We think alike - even though he has the twin! - and we are so motivated and driven by learning. The weekend was jammed packed with speaking sessions from beautiful, talented minds. Here are just a few things I took away with me. And I mean a few. My iPad is filled with juicy notes. 

Brene Brown: Practice gratitude when vulnerability kicks in.

Scott Harrison: You have the power to completely change your story.

Susan Cain with Jonathan Fields: Solitude is a catalyst for innovation.

Danielle LaPorte: Perfectionism is a form of procrastination. 

$100 Start Up Forum with Pamela Slim: Create for yourself first.

Scott Belsky: Prioritize energy wisely. 

Chris Brogan: Learn to untangle ... You are working from your script. Untangle from what others have written for you. 

Daniel Noll + Audrey Scott: We are all more connected than you think. Follow your curiosity.

Cal Newport: Craft a remarkable working life. 

Scott Dinsmore: You can connect with anyone. Challenge yourself to three seconds of approaching someone. Don't over think it. 

Erick Widman: Strip away distraction and live your core values.

JD Roth: Personal transformation takes place by being open to new experiences. 

How could the weekend get any better? I was so energized by the people I had met and the words that were being shared. There was so much good to go around. So much encouragement. So much desire to take action.

Leave it to Chris Guillebeau to send us off with a bang.

On Sunday, he kept reminding us of a "surprise" that would take place at the close of the speaking series. I thought he was going to open the floor to yet another inspirational presentation. Martha Stewart? Deepak Chopra? Hmmm ... 

Instead, he discussed how WDS received a hefty donation. WDS is not about profit. {Although, I do believe Chris and his team deserve generous pay based on their hard work and delivery.} Rather, WDS is about investing in other people's happiness. About improving the world. 

Chris gave back. As if he didn't gift us with so much already, he gave every attendee - all 1,000 of us - $100 to start a project, surprise someone, or do something entirely different ... it was up to us! This donation could have been used for the growth of WDS but instead, Chris chose to give to us. 

The $100 Investment. Cash, as we walked out the door.

Not only did the World Domination Summit encourage me to be the best version of me but it also took a chance on me. Chris and the WDS invested in me.

And so ... this blog begins. With $100.