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Thoughtful Curation and Functional Beauty

founder + principal designer

Gina Gutierrez

Gina Gutierrez has built her business — and her life — on harnessing the power of the self. Born and raised in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin but a resident of San Francisco for fifteen years, Gina’s drive and passion for interior design propelled her to launch Gina Rachelle Design in 2012. Over the years, she has built an interior design studio that specializes in residential homes.

Gina’s design aesthetic is traditional with touches of modern, clean yet detail focused, and full of life through the use of colors, textures, metals, shapes and thoughtful furnishings and objects. Gina loves taking time to get to know every client to ensure that personal style and likings are emulated in a space.

Beyond interiors, Gina is always seeking design and beauty in everyday life. She currently resides in Sebastopol, California with her husband and business partner, Max, and three rescue animals - Luna, their tripod dog, and Frank and Bob, their cats. They often wander the Bay Area on foot or bikes exploring nature and architecture, sipping Chai, discussing their next adventure.

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Core Values

+ We believe that function and aesthetic can coexist.

+ A beautiful space is achieved through collaboration of the client, designer and trusted trades with like-minded goals.

+ Our designs are ever evolving, pushing our creativity to new levels.

+ We strive to preserve the character of old homes and buildings while incorporating modern day architectural details and finishes.

+ We source furnishings, materials and decor from vendors and makers of all budgets, locations and stories.

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trusted professionals

Gina has spent many years developing relationships with a handful of contractors and makers that are ready to work with the GRD team and clients. These pros include architects, general contractors, handymen + women, painters, electricians, tile experts, carpenters, wallpaper installers, artists and more. 

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business partners

Our design studio is full of partnerships in order to thrive. Thank you to the following creative individuals who assist in making our business successful.

+ Renderings + CAD, ASR Interior Design Studio
+ Bookkeeping + Accounting, Lolana CPA
+ Press + Media, Wolfrom PR

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