25 Functional + Beautiful Gifts For Your Galentine Under $50

Valentine’s (and Galentine’s!) Day are quickly approaching in the next few weeks. We love celebrating the strength of women and sisterhood. So this February 14th, let's give a small gift to the phenomenal women in our lives! Whether your Galentine likes to entertain, dress up her space or simply take it easy - we've included 25 of our favorite gift items under $50. Handpicked, tried and true, functional and beautiful - these pieces are sure to find happy homes on coffee tables, night stands and in kitchens alike.

Galentine's Gift Guide 1.jpg
Galentine's Gift Guide 2.jpg

1. Meraki Nomad - Floral Smudge Stick: $18. (Available locally at The General Store.)

Why we love it: While we love sage and palo santo, the floral smudge stick is completely it's own unique thing. Consisting of lavender, rose petals and sweet grass - some might argue it's too pretty to burn.

2. Heath Ceramics - Arctic Cup Lavender + Eucalyptus Candle: $38.

Why we love it: After the candle burns down completely, you are left with a beautiful ceramic cup usable for desk or bathroom organization. Or even as a votive if you'd like to keep the candle theme going!

3. McGee & Co - Thin Stripe Linen Tray: $18-$38

4. West Elm - Vintage Vogue Sunrise Coaster Set of 4 - Pink Copper: $29

5. Anthropologie - Brass Inlay Cheeseboard: $38

6. Anthropologie - Piet Mug: $16

7. Margins - Many Moons Calendar 2018: $20. (Available locally at Needles + Pens)

Why we love it: You are able to see moon cycles for the entire year at a glance in a visually beautiful design.

8. Hearth + Hand With Magnolia - Cocoa Pot: $35

9. Schoolhouse Electric - Motor Lodge Keychain - "Hers": $6

10. Pigeon Toe Ceramics - Abstract Ring Dish: $16

Why we love it: Pigeon Toe Ceramics is sibling owned as well as female owned company & the abstract ring dish is one of a kind.

11. Etsy - Macrame Leather + Rope Plant Hanger: $34

Why we love it: While we love macrame wall hangings and plant hangers, we are loving the modern twist and addition of leather to these handmade pieces.

12. Etsy - Leather + Brass Napkin Rings - Set of 8: $30

Why we love it: We love supporting small shops and makers in our designs. These napkin rings give a simple, clean and modern update to napkin rings of the past. 

13. Hearth + Hand With Magnolia - Leather Travel Wallet: $20

14. Anthropologie - Gilded Rim Wine Glass: $22

Why we love it: It's the most quintessential Galentine's Day wine glass! We love the Gilded Rim collection for it's femininity, delicate nature and elegance. Sometimes it's nice to sip from a really girly and sophisticated wine glass on a week night in your pajamas.

15. 42 Pressed - San Francisco Soy Wax Candle: $20

Why we love it: This candle was designed and crafted to represent San Francisco as a blend of aromas (bergamot, sage, cedar and vetiver) in the form of a soy candle. Pretty neat! See also: their city map prints.

16. In Open Air - Brass Key Rings: $32. (Available locally at The General Store)

17. Heath Ceramics - Bud Vase: $25

18. Minted - Geometric Net Napkin - Set of 4: $40

19. CB2 - Nile Glass Vase: $49.95

20. Hearth + Hand With Magnolia - Round Footed Tray: $12.99-$19.99

Why we love it: Not only can you use it as a cutting board or serving tray, it can be used to display plants, candles and accessories.

21. Schoolhouse Electric - Enamelware Mug: $16

22. Anthropologie - Pressed Glass Photo Frame: $18-$32

Why we love it: Use these glass frames for photos, pressed flowers and collected mementos. Best part? You are able to see writing, dates and details written on the back - as the frame is made of all glass.

23. Aplat - Vin Vertical Tote Bag: $48. (Available at West Elm)

Why we love it: "Sewn by a team of women in San Francisco and designed to fit two bottles of wine (or baguettes)" - that pretty much does it for us.

24. West Elm - Stone Bookend: $39

25. Schoolhouse Electric - 1 Compartment Cafeteria Tray: $24


We hope your gal enjoys these pieces as much as we do!

A Look Back at 2017

The year 2017 was a year of great growth for us! As some of you may know, I was a part of the fitness industry for 15 years before officially launching my career in design. In 2012, I started a small blog and designed for friends. In 2013, I made my business legit and started taking on clients part-time while juggling my partnership at DIAKADI. I worked the side-hustle for 4 years and in 2017, I finally decided to give it my all. 

I grew a small team, collaborated with some amazing professionals to take things off my plate and enjoyed the rollercoaster ride. We completed 6 full service design projects (an additional 3 are so close to being completed!), 4 e-design presentations (1 is still in the making), and 6 consulting gigs. 

Here is a brief look at some of our work. We hope it inspires you! 

Project Powell 

Project Campaign: West Coast Craft 

Project Campaign: HustleCon 

Project Henry Adams

Gina Rachelle Design Project Henry Adams

Project Hermann Homestead

Project Seventeen 

Project Hampshire

Project Golden Gate 

Gina Rachelle Design Project Golden Gate

Project Collingwood

Gina Rachelle Design Project Collingwood

Crafty Christmas at Hermann Homestead

We had a lot of fun decorating our house this season (we weren't under construction!). I really wanted our home to have a very earthy and natural feel while keeping things affordable. Here is what we tackled:

  •  We purchased a 6ft tree for $40, 2 wreaths at $15 each and garland for the mantle for $20. 
  • Added eucalyptus (free - from my brother, James, and his family) to both our tree and the garland.
  • My other brother, Dan, made simple wreaths out of the extra eucalyptus for our windows with green floral wire and ribbon I already had at home. 
  • I added simple white berries (Ardisia crenata 'Alba') to the tree and secured with floral wire. 
  • I also took some gold ribbon I had on hand, gave it pull on the scissors to create an adorable swirl and added to the tree. 
  • I kept the color story very simple - golds, silvers, whites and blues. 
  • I added dried flowers, cotton, and white berries to our wreath on the front door. 
  • I found some old glitter letters in my craft nook and spelled out 'Christmas' for one of our windows. 
  • I displayed a notable quote from Elf (Santa! OMG I know him.) on our $15 Lightbox from Amazon. 
  • I pulled out a variety of accessories I've had over the  years to round out our styling: copper bells, stockings, red books, candles and Christmas gnomes. 
  • Lastly, for our family holiday party, I made beet hummus and added some greens, small tomatoes, cucumbers and edible flowers to keep in theme with our simple and creative decor. 

In the end, our home felt cozy filled with decor we already had on hand and a lot of homemade elements. Hope your holiday felt as special as ours!