the tragedy of the 2013 boston marathon

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Remember ...

When you see the video and the hundreds of photos at the Boston Marathon, look for the people running toward the blast and remember the good that still exists in the world.
— Kristina Reed
For every one person who wishes to destroy, 100 rush to help heal and rebuild. That’s the human race: our angels outnumber our devils.
— Leonard McCoy

flashcards on your wall

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I was bumming around Hayes Valley one day and swooned over these prints. There are a few perfect for some projects I am currently working on. I'm even craving one for my home. The old school flashcard adds a bit of nostalgia while the framing and likable quotes modernize this fun wall decor.  

They can be found at Lavish in San Francisco, on One Kings Lane, and through designer Smith+ Co. Prices range from about $85-$125.