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hometown joy

As I was reading this evening, I came across this amazing furniture design company that just so happens to be in my hometown, Milwaukee, WI. I don't even know these two talented individuals and I felt a sense of pride. 

The brothers, Vincent and Paul Georgeson, launched Misewell (midwest slang for "might-as-well") in 2008. Their design is sustainable, clean, industrial and classic. Below are my top three favorite designs, although I have to admit, I am a fan of every piece they have created!

Visit their beautiful furniture line at

:: the lockwood chair ::

:: the conrad coffee table ::

:: the eileen floor lamp ::

{trend alert} dip dye design

The trend of dip dye on furniture, accessories and clothing has been around for awhile but it has recently exploded into a fun design statement. You can find gorgeous, sophisticated pieces made to look like they have been dipped or you can tackle creating the look on your own. Here are some of my favorites that I have come across. 

:: dip dye by gina rachelle design ::