{in the works} kitchen design

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I have no idea how I am juggling DIAKADI and two home design projects, but all I can say is that I love it and I'm hustling. 

The Connecticut Residence is coming along beautifully. Check out these AMAZING Ansel Adams photos that went up in the kitchen. A family heirloom that we just had to get out of storage and show off. As I begin to feature the rest of the kitchen you will see the industrial farmhouse charm we are creating in this vibrant, family loving space. 

:: photo by gina rachelle design ::

:: photo by gina rachelle design ::

Light fixture sourced through Restoration Hardware.

hometown joy

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As I was reading dwell.com this evening, I came across this amazing furniture design company that just so happens to be in my hometown, Milwaukee, WI. I don't even know these two talented individuals and I felt a sense of pride. 

The brothers, Vincent and Paul Georgeson, launched Misewell (midwest slang for "might-as-well") in 2008. Their design is sustainable, clean, industrial and classic. Below are my top three favorite designs, although I have to admit, I am a fan of every piece they have created!

Visit their beautiful furniture line at misewell.com.

:: the lockwood chair ::

:: the conrad coffee table ::

:: the eileen floor lamp ::

{in the works} lighting love

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Receiving a text from a client saying ... FIXTURES = GORGEOUS ... immediately makes me smile. I get butterflies in my stomach because design just makes me so happy but to know that I met the client's needs and delighted them, well then, I am over the moon. 

So what do the fixtures look like? Good thing my client has a love for photography and always remembers to take pictures. Take a look. 

:: fulton residence // photo courtesy of @boltron ::

I selected this lighting fixture through Schoolhouse Electric + Supply :: Satellite in Antique Black with G40 Silver Tip Bulb. Priced at $126 with a two - three week turnover. 

Schoolhouse Electric + Supply handcrafts all lights and shades to match the original classics. Workshops and showrooms are located in Portland and New York. 

{travel} abc carpet + home sparking inspiration

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On my last trip to NYC, I saw so many charming, unique, cozy and glamorous items in the never ending design store ABC Carpet + Home. As I wander, I cannot help but snap away and hold onto photos for inspiration of furniture, space layout, textiles and finishes. 




and then we had an impromptu photo shoot 

crystal clear

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As I have been sourcing lighting for a friend, I came across these gems. "Just stunning," is what I whispered. Indeed they are, and I hope to use in my home or a project very very soon.

{design goosebumps}

Lee Broom is one of UK’s leading product and interior designers that I have recently been introduced to and swooning over.

The detail in his hand blown crystal bulbs gives a modern yet soft vintage, feminine look. The brushed brass fitting is a perfect complement providing an industrial, masculine finish. {Priced at $299}

Video :: Making of The Crystal Bulb