{part one} styling class with the lovely justina blakeney

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This week I started a class on SkillShare called Interior Styling: The Fundamentals to Styling Your Space like a Pro with the lovely and talented Justina Blakeney

I am so excited about this class. I can spend hours learning about anything related to design. It's my passion and creative outlet. This will be a fantastic way to up my game and just continuously learn. 

Since working with clients I have let my 600 square foot San Francisco home fall off my radar. BUT, this class is perfect timing because I'm excited to mention that my home is going to be photographed by the amazing Sonya Yu in May! She is helping me build my portfolio with her gorgeous photography. This is perfect timing and motivation for me to upgrade my own space. 

I'd love to share with you what I learn in this class so you can see how my space evolves and so you can also take Justina's wonderful principles and apply them to your home. 


Justina's Eight Styling Principles

Different spaces (My friend Doug uses the word "moments" which I love. I may need start that.) in your home should try to follow these elements.

  1. Needs
  2. Shape
  3. Color
  4. Pattern
  5. Texture
  6. Placement
  7. Bling
  8. Botanicals

Check out this "moment" I found and outlined as an example. 

:: source :: 

Our homework was to then take BEFORE pics of our own moments inside our home. Ahhh! Showcasing my own home before it is PERFECT?! Hello vulnerability. 

I know it is only going to make me a better designer and very eager to show you my AFTER pics. If you know me, I am determined. I'll do my best to rock this. 

Lovelies, my home ...

:: my coffee table ::

:: my sofa ::

:: my console / media table ::

:: my bookshelf ::

:: my bed :: 

styling contest

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Emily Henderson is one of my favorite designers. A creative I go to in order to learn and be inspired. Her style speaks her personality and is full of vintage finds, modern touches and a pulled together sophistication.

She is currently hosting a contest with Serena + Lily (another brand I just love) to find some of the best styled nightstands. 

I decided to enter with only one day to go! That doesn't leave me much time for your votes but if you see this, please show your support!


Here is my personal nightstand. I intended my space to embrace femininity, simplicity and a hint of glamour that would ease me into sweet dreams.

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nailed it!

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I'm super excited about this gem of a product I recently found and wanted to share.

I have a client that wants to hang his keys. Currently they are hanging with the smallest picture frame nail.  While this is functional, I wanted to boost the style level. After some hunting I came across these oversized iron nails that are fun, industrial and durable. You can purchase four for just $12 at Brook Farm General Store. 

:: photos from brook farm general store ::