the little things

On Monday, I sent my valentine a thank you message: 

I am so grateful for everything you do for us. My heart is full.

We had a lovely Valentine's weekend. Nothing extravagant. In fact, Max was really sick and recovering from a nasty cold. My Valentine's surprise didn't go as planned, but I did have the opportunity to drop off a few of his favorite things

The Little Things: Kombucha // Coconut Water // Photos from Hipstamatic // The Otis Succulent from Bloom That // Almond Crossaints from Thorough Bread and Pastry // 'Happy Fucking Valentine's Day' Card from Papersource


The rest of the weekend was so relaxing. We spent our weekend in Mill Valley playing house and dog sitting Miss Betty White. 

I knew that I wanted to gift Max with the Little Things that make him smile, but I soon realized that our weekend was naturally filled with beautiful "Little Things" that make us both so happy -- talks over wine, gluten free pizza, cuddling, waking up to the sun, exploring on a hike, cooking brunch, singing in the car, sharing dinner with parents, reading and blissful sleep. 

As I reflected on the weekend, I was so incredibly grateful. Hence, my Monday morning note. Life is short and those you love deserve to know what they mean to you. Don't be afraid to express yourself in a way that is authentic and fills your soul. 


xo g. 

lookbook for GRD

On Saturday, I had the luxury of hanging with my best friend, Mario Estrada, VP of Strategic Partnerships, Director of Fun at Hipstamatic and Content Editor for Snap Magazine. With that title alone, you can tell he's a creative. So, with my very own best friend awesomeness, I was able to convince him to snap some shots of me for my business. I wanted a few looks for my website, blog, social media platforms and all that goodness as the growth of :: gina rachelle design :: takes place. 

I'm alright in front of the camera when I am with friends and you catch me in the middle of a big laugh, but I knew I would need Mario's art direction to guide me. Here's a glimpse of our fun adventure. All photos were taken on our iPhones using Hipstamatic. 

Haircut by Shvonne Austin of Renaissance Salon. Hair Styling + Makeup by Maryanne Garcia of Renaissance Salon

snap magazine: one life issue

One of my favorite apps and design companies, Hipstamatic, connected with me and asked if I would contribute some simple tips on fitness, nutrition and life to back their mantra of "one life" in their January issue of Snap Magazine (their latest killer design project). How could I turn that down? I love sharing my personal beliefs as well as the mission of DIAKADI, the fitness, performance and life studio, that I have poured my heart into for the last eight years. 

Here I am. Published. I hope this inspires you.

Check out the full issue with links by downloading Snap Magazine on your iPhone or iPad.