{in the works} lighting love

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Receiving a text from a client saying ... FIXTURES = GORGEOUS ... immediately makes me smile. I get butterflies in my stomach because design just makes me so happy but to know that I met the client's needs and delighted them, well then, I am over the moon. 

So what do the fixtures look like? Good thing my client has a love for photography and always remembers to take pictures. Take a look. 

:: fulton residence // photo courtesy of @boltron ::

I selected this lighting fixture through Schoolhouse Electric + Supply :: Satellite in Antique Black with G40 Silver Tip Bulb. Priced at $126 with a two - three week turnover. 

Schoolhouse Electric + Supply handcrafts all lights and shades to match the original classics. Workshops and showrooms are located in Portland and New York. 

{in the works} upgrade my bathroom

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I am currently working on a one bedroom condo remodel, and the client first discussed not working on the bathroom. With some sweet persuasion I was able to sway his decision. We'll keep the bones of the bathroom with very minimal construction but we definitely need to pull together some updated finishes. 

With the rest of his condo softly screaming white, I want to bring a dark color into this space. Here is what we have in the works.

:: vision board ::

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