nailed it!

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I'm super excited about this gem of a product I recently found and wanted to share.

I have a client that wants to hang his keys. Currently they are hanging with the smallest picture frame nail.  While this is functional, I wanted to boost the style level. After some hunting I came across these oversized iron nails that are fun, industrial and durable. You can purchase four for just $12 at Brook Farm General Store. 

:: photos from brook farm general store ::

hometown joy

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As I was reading this evening, I came across this amazing furniture design company that just so happens to be in my hometown, Milwaukee, WI. I don't even know these two talented individuals and I felt a sense of pride. 

The brothers, Vincent and Paul Georgeson, launched Misewell (midwest slang for "might-as-well") in 2008. Their design is sustainable, clean, industrial and classic. Below are my top three favorite designs, although I have to admit, I am a fan of every piece they have created!

Visit their beautiful furniture line at

:: the lockwood chair ::

:: the conrad coffee table ::

:: the eileen floor lamp ::

viva la italia glam

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This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend a beautiful benefit gala for La Scuola, an Italian International School in San Francisco. The event, La Dolce Vita, was hosted at the beautiful Julia Morgan Ballroom and featured a 1960s Italian theme. Any chance I get to dress up and bust out my inner glam Italia persona, I'm in! I wanted the big hair, cat eyes, bling and a classic gown.  


:: anouk aimee ::

:: monica vitti ::

:: 1960s hair and make up ::

:: 1960s hair :: 

:: 1960s hair ::

My day began with hair and make up by the amazing ladies at Renaissance Salon, Mayanne Garcia (hair) and Danielle Blanchet (makeup).

:: so pampered - styling team ::

:: the design of my hair was just gorgeous :: 

:: my cat eyes and pink lips ::


:: getting ready. side view of my updo ::

:: house of harlow 1960 black geometric necklace. double finger gold + rhinestone ring by edition. ::

:: the perfect detail to my badgley mischka dress ::


:: true italias. the lovely serra goldman ::

:: bill + serra ::

:: saturday night out ::

:: my laugh captured ::

:: had to snap one more with this fashionable fur ::

{in the works} lighting love

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Receiving a text from a client saying ... FIXTURES = GORGEOUS ... immediately makes me smile. I get butterflies in my stomach because design just makes me so happy but to know that I met the client's needs and delighted them, well then, I am over the moon. 

So what do the fixtures look like? Good thing my client has a love for photography and always remembers to take pictures. Take a look. 

:: fulton residence // photo courtesy of @boltron ::

I selected this lighting fixture through Schoolhouse Electric + Supply :: Satellite in Antique Black with G40 Silver Tip Bulb. Priced at $126 with a two - three week turnover. 

Schoolhouse Electric + Supply handcrafts all lights and shades to match the original classics. Workshops and showrooms are located in Portland and New York. 

{trend alert} dip dye design

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The trend of dip dye on furniture, accessories and clothing has been around for awhile but it has recently exploded into a fun design statement. You can find gorgeous, sophisticated pieces made to look like they have been dipped or you can tackle creating the look on your own. Here are some of my favorites that I have come across. 

:: dip dye by gina rachelle design ::