love notes

by gina gutierrez in

Tuesday I came home to a quiet house. Frankie Cat purrrrring his hellos. I said goodbye to Max early that morning as he was off to China. It's always difficult when he is so far away but we find our ways to keep in touch and stay connected miles and hours apart. 

That night I found note after note in my home. It warmed my heart. And to my surprise, they kept showing up. 

Like I've always said, it's the little things. The little things make the heart flutter. 


by gina gutierrez in

When I look back and think about my day, I realize that it was sprinkled with so much goodness. 

  • I woke up next to the man I love
  • Took a walk in the sun with my best friend and business partner to grab a latte. 
  • Trained some amazing clients that worked their butt off! 
  • Received news that my 89 years young grandmother is recovering like a ROCKSTAR in the hospital after surgery. 
  • Sailed through a productive day at a job I love
  • Went for a run. 
  • Pampered myself with a mani pedi. 
  • Met with a design client and gushed over some gorgeous pillows and throws. 
  • Cooked a wonderful dinner and sketched out some designs. 
  • Settled into bed with the cutest kitten in the world.  

My heart is full of love. Full of gratitude. 

xo g.