kitchens with that 'oh la la' pop of color

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Bold and bright. Pale and serene. Muted and jeweled. No matter the combo, these kitchens caught my eye. How energizing would it be to gather in these spaces?

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{in the works} fulton residence styling

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I have been working on a San Francisco condo remodel for quite a few months now. Construction and painting has wrapped up and now we are getting to the fun part! This is where I like to see things come together. We are slowly pulling in furniture and adding the details.  

Here is a little peek at the Fulton Residence. Keep in mind, this is all IN THE WORKS. The lovely Sonya Yu will be taking photos for me when this place is perfected. 

Big thanks to my lovely client, @boltron, for all the photos.

{part two} styling class with the lovely justina blakeney

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Today's homework that I had to turn in consisted of styling and photographing my coffee table in order to showcase some AFTER pics. I was actually really eager to get home and get to work.

As a reminder, here is my BEFORE pic:

Remember, the goal is to address all eight principles of styling in this space.


Drumroll please ...

My AFTER pics:

Wide shot of my coffee table and sitting area. I also decided to style the small side table between my chairs so everything flowed and was balanced. My coffee table is fairly large so I pulled out many pieces from different areas of my home to create this look.

Overhead shot. I divided my table into three sections being sure to feature a variety of SHAPES and create an intriguing PLACEMENT. TEXTURE is brought to life through my rug. 

I wrap a lot of my books in craft paper to fit the color scheme of my home as well as give a rustic feel. The coaster serves the need of entertaining and provides a pop of COLOR. I needed more shape, textue AND PATTERN so I gathered a bunch of wine corks into a small bowl. (One in particular features my name.)

The center section of my coffee table showcases shape, NEED (entertaining through photos) and BLING. The third section features hardcover books, a bling tray and BOTANICALS from the Presidio. In the background you can also see some SPARKLE in the pillow sitting on my chair. A girl can never have enough bling. (I think this is my favorite principle.)

The lower level of my coffee table houses succulents on top of feathers (texture) and stacks of books.

 I added life to these photos by placing heels and wine in the shot. Girl is ready for the weekend!

I've been sitting in my home looking at my recent styling. At first I thought things were too busy because I like things clean and simple, but I have to say that this is really growing on me. There is so much LIFE and PERSONALITY in it (especially after glancing at my before pic again).

Would love to hear your thoughts!

{part one} styling class with the lovely justina blakeney

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This week I started a class on SkillShare called Interior Styling: The Fundamentals to Styling Your Space like a Pro with the lovely and talented Justina Blakeney

I am so excited about this class. I can spend hours learning about anything related to design. It's my passion and creative outlet. This will be a fantastic way to up my game and just continuously learn. 

Since working with clients I have let my 600 square foot San Francisco home fall off my radar. BUT, this class is perfect timing because I'm excited to mention that my home is going to be photographed by the amazing Sonya Yu in May! She is helping me build my portfolio with her gorgeous photography. This is perfect timing and motivation for me to upgrade my own space. 

I'd love to share with you what I learn in this class so you can see how my space evolves and so you can also take Justina's wonderful principles and apply them to your home. 


Justina's Eight Styling Principles

Different spaces (My friend Doug uses the word "moments" which I love. I may need start that.) in your home should try to follow these elements.

  1. Needs
  2. Shape
  3. Color
  4. Pattern
  5. Texture
  6. Placement
  7. Bling
  8. Botanicals

Check out this "moment" I found and outlined as an example. 

:: source :: 

Our homework was to then take BEFORE pics of our own moments inside our home. Ahhh! Showcasing my own home before it is PERFECT?! Hello vulnerability. 

I know it is only going to make me a better designer and very eager to show you my AFTER pics. If you know me, I am determined. I'll do my best to rock this. 

Lovelies, my home ...

:: my coffee table ::

:: my sofa ::

:: my console / media table ::

:: my bookshelf ::

:: my bed ::